EXPO 2017

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EXPO 2017

One of Kazakhstan’s key projects that is attracting a special attention at present is hosting the EXPO-2017 international exhibition in Astana. The initiative of organising such a large scale event in the capital of our country belongs to the Head of State.

On June 10, 2011 Kazakhstan’s bid was officially presented in Paris to the Secretary General of the International Exhibitions Bureau (IEB) Vincent Gonzales Loscertales. From that moment on our republic is participating in the contest to hold ЕХРО-2017 in Astana. On March 14, 2012 the Head of State held a meeting with the IEВ expert commission in the capital of Kazakhstan. During the meeting he underlined that holding EXPO-2017 is a national project for our country.

The official presentation of Astana was made on June 12, 2012 in Paris at 151st General Assembly of the IEB. In the beginning of the session the President of Kazakhstan addressed the delegates by a special video message. In his speech Nursultan Nazarbayev personally pledges to spare no effort in successfully organizing the EXPO, should Astana be chosen to host it. The final decision of the IEB on the host country of EXPO-2017 will be made by 157 member countries of the IEB through voting on November 22, 2012. At present the Belgian city of Liege is Astana’s main competitor.

EXPO exhibitions are the most prestigious and reputable exhibition platforms in the world. EXPO exhibitions are visited by millions of tourists, encouraging each host country to create a unique event which expresses its national culture and demonstrates to the whole world its economic and technological development. Kazakhstan has been a member of the International Exhibitions Bureau since 1997 and participates in EXPO since 2005. At EXPO-2008 in Zaragoza, Kazakhstan won a bronze medal in “C” category for interior and exterior decoration, out of 104 participating countries.

Gaining the right to host the international exhibition will be a sign of recognition by the international community of our country’s high status and authority and contribute to international promotion of Kazakhstan. Hosting of such a large scale event will provide a powerful impetus for the development of small and medium businesses. The event will assist in attracting large investments for the construction of exhibition facilities and infrastructure in the capital.

Besides that, this event will improve Kazakhstan's recognition and attract greater tourism in the world community. During EXPO, the city of Astana will be filled with the sounds of different cultures from all over the world. The exhibition will host daily concerts, shows, national days and other entertainment events. EXPO- 2017 will be the first exhibition of this status hosted in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The key theme of the international exhibition in Astana will be "Energy of the Future". It echoes one of the most significant and globally important issues of today, a concern for the whole world: the sustainable use of energy resources.

The issue of using alternative energy sources has been discussed by the world community for a long time. Consequences of man-made accidents are becoming heavier and less predictable. The urgency of using non-polluting, safe and easily renewed energy sources is becoming important from year to year.

Kazakhstan intends to make its own contribution to the innovative development of world energy and to gather in Astana best minds and projects in the field of alternative energy. The given theme will allow presenting best power saving technologies, new elaborations and technologies of using of existing alternative power sources, such as energy of the sun, wind, sea, oceanic and thermal waters. Astana could serve as a platform to demonstrate the world's best achievements and trends in this. The exhibition will also provide a powerful momentum for a systemic diversification of its economy and technological modernization of the country’s industrial and scientific base.

Should Astana be announced the winner, EXPO-2017 will be held over a period of 3 months. 100 countries and around 10 international organisations are expected to participate, with over 5 million visitors expected.

Universal exhibitions are events of a global scale, comparable to world economic forums that attract large number of tourists similar to the most popular sporting events in the world.

Since 1851, when London hosted the first World Industrial Exhibition, EXPO exhibitions have become known as opportunities to share economic, technological and cultural achievements from around the world and are regarded as platforms reflecting historical experience, exchanges of innovative ideas, demonstrations of unity and a collective look into the future.


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